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The International Dismantling Information System (IDIS) was developed by the automotive industry to meet the legal obligations of the EU End of Life Vehicle (ELV) directive and has been improved to an information system with vehicle manufacturer compiled information for treatment operators to promote the environmental treatment of End-of-Life-Vehicles, safely and economically.

The system development and improvement is supervised and controlled by the IDIS2 Consortium formed by automotive manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and the USA, covering currently 2154 different models and variants from 72 car brands.

The access to and the use of the system is free of charge for any commercial enterprise that handles end of life vehicles. Explore the IDIS web site and discover the features of the system, consult our F.A.Q, order IDIS or simply contact us for more information.


  Version 5.36 released  
The completely redesigned IDIS Version 5.36 is online,
covering a total of:
1000 models
2154 variants

available in:
31 languages
40 countries