Tools Guide

In the following a list of links for equipment for ELV treatment is provided as well as the possibility to register new devices. The list of links has to be seen as a help for ELV treatment operators to get information about tools available on the market and a platform for tool manufacturer and distributer to provide this information and to promote their tools.


The list of equipment is neither complete nor exhaustive. The content of the list is managed by the tool supplier / distributer itself and is free of charge for them until further notice. IDIS Management reserves the right to remove an entry in case it is not related to tools for ELV treatment operators or does not comply with national laws.

Nothing contained therein is to be constued as a recommendation to use any product, process or equipment and the IDIS Consortium members make no representation or warranty, express or implied, towards the use of the listed equipment. For technical specifications and detailed instructions on the use of the equipment, refer to use and maintenance manual of the tool supplier.